Why Am I Having Trouble Sleeping?

Getting quality sleep is an important factor in maintaining good health. Not getting good sleep or not getting enough of it can do some serious damage to all aspects of your health in the long run. If you’re having trouble sleeping you might be wondering what the deal is and what’s causing your problem.

Unhealthy Habits

There are plenty of ways that unhealthy habits can mess with your health. It might seem a little strange to consider that they can negatively affect your sleep, but some unhealthy habits do just that. Poor eating habits and not getting enough exercise can be significant contributing factors to weight gain and obesity. This can cause some people to suffer from sleep apnea, which can be very dangerous. If you notice you have signs and symptoms of sleep apnea, make sure you talk to your doctor about it.

Anxiety and Depression

Do you have a hard time quieting your mind when it’s time to sleep? If you are plagued by constant worries or other symptoms of anxiety and depression, these mental and mood disorders may be at least partially responsible for your sleep troubles. For the sake of your sleep and every other aspect of your life impacted by anxiety and depression, it’s important that you take measures to manage it. CBD can reduce anxiety related to sleep issues. You may also find that some time spent in meditation or exercise can help alleviate the problem as well. Keep in mind that it’s unwise to exercise too close to when you go to bed. That can actually have the opposite effect.

Poor Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment may also be contributing to the trouble you have sleeping. A good sleep environment is quiet, dark, and cool. While the ideal temperature for sleeping varies slightly with age, somewhere around the mid 60s is a good temperature to shoot for. If you get too much light from outside your room, consider adding blackout curtains. Soundproofing may also help to reduce noise.

There are plenty of reasons you might be having trouble sleeping. Unhealthy habits, anxiety and depression, and having a poor sleep environment are only some of the causes. Consider your habits, mental state, and sleeping environment and whether or not there are things you can improve on in those areas. If you notice any, take action now to help protect your health and wellbeing.

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