What You Should Do if You Experience COVID-19 Symptoms

With the pandemic sweeping the nation and the world, it can be confusing and scary to know what to do and when to do it. Having a plan of action can help you to be sure that you can get the help you need and will be confident in making decisions. You must get the care you need if you have COVID-19 symptoms so you can protect your life and your health.

Get Tested

The first thing that you should do when you begin experiencing COVID symptoms is to seek out a COVID test. This can help you to determine what you are dealing with and to ensure that you are given the help that you need to deal with the illness.

Testing has become much more widely available since the pandemic began, so you should be able to find a testing site near you. Talk to your doctor about getting tested, and they can help you to know where to go for a test and what kind of COVID test makes the most sense for you and your situation. Once you have received your results, you will have a better idea of what steps to take next.

Keep Your Distance

When you have COVID, you must quarantine yourself from others so you can help to prevent the spread of the disease. Social distancing is one of the most important tools to combat transmission. Even before you have received the results from a COVID test, you should start quarantining and limiting the time you spend with other people outside your household. This can prevent the spread of the disease and help to keep more susceptible populations safe. Be sure to enlist the help of others to get food and supplies so you can be comfortable and well-fed during your time away.

Get Help 

COVID cases that seem mild at first can present worse symptoms over time. If you experience worsening symptoms, it is important to reach out to your doctor so they can help you to determine if treatment is necessary. If you have trouble breathing, it may be time to seek out emergency help. The earlier treatment for severe coronavirus can begin, the better it is for your health.

Dealing with COVID can be complicated and scary. But if you get the help you need and take care of your community, you can make the most of a bad situation.

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