Vitamin Supplements Are Big Business

Vitamin supplements are regularly taken by an increasing number of people across the world, as we become more health conscious. While vitamin deficiency diseases are rare in the UK, due to good diet and nutritional levels, there are some groups for whom nutritional supplements are recommended by national health bodies such as the NHS and NICE. Many other people choose to take nutritional vitamins either to support a good healthy lifestyle, to help with specific issues or worries, or to increase general feelings of health and wellness. Since each vitamin performs a different function in the body, different vitamins help with different conditions.

Why Do People Take Supplements?

According to the Food Standards Authority, in the UK, approximately one in three people admit to taking a vitamins supplement for health daily. 15 per cent of people take high-dose nutrition supplements as a ‘quick fix’ health remedy. When surveyed, people gave many reasons for taking a vitamin, mineral or multivitamins supplement, including, to increase their energy levels, as an anti-ageing agent, or to reduce the risks of chronic diseases, including cancer. Many regarded taking these vitamins products as ‘health insurance’. In one year, £139 million was spent on multivitamin supplement pills, a further £36 million on vitamin C supplements, and £34 million was spent on other health products in the market. So, what are vitamins? They are types of food that your body needs to work properly, but they are only needed in small amounts. Apart from vitamin D, we cannot make vitamins ourselves so they need to be provided from dietary sources, i.e. we have to eat them. Remember, however, that taking mega doses of single vitamins is not advisable. Fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K are stored in the fat in your body and your liver, so they can be used when you need them. However, if you build up too many, they can be harmful. For example, you store vitamin A in the liver. Too much can be toxic, causing liver damage. The message is to always follow the dosage recommendations on the vitamin mineral supplements packet.

Many People Buy Vitamin Supplements Online

The other vitamins, i.e. vitamin C and B vitamins, are water soluble, and you cannot store them, so any extra vitamin is removed. They need to be taken regularly to maintain levels in the body. A proper balanced diet should provide all the vitamins we need, but modern lifestyles may mean that our vitamin levels can be depleted. The fast pace of life, meaning we often consume ready meals and fizzy drinks, means we may not eat all the vitamin we need. So, should we buy vitamin supplements or food supplements to stay healthy? Definitely! If you are not getting the nutrients you need, vitamin supplements are a must. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as people over 65 years old who are housebound or cover up their skin outdoors, should take vitamin D supplements. Women trying to conceive or up to 12 weeks pregnant should take folic acid (linked to B vitamins), and children aged six months to five years should take a multivitamin of vitamins A, C and D. Others should consider the nutrition benefits of taking vitamins. Vitamin C, for example, builds immunity, hence its use as an anti-cold remedy, and it also builds connective tissue, hence its association with anti-ageing. B vitamins and linked foods such as biotin and niacin are essential for energy release. Until recently, many vitamins used in vitamin tablets were synthesised, but people wanted vitamins from natural organic sources. You can buy vitamin supplements online made from purely herbal extracts from Supplements Wise.

Supplements Wise Supply Vitamin Supplements From Natural Sources

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