Vitamin Mineral Supplements: What is the difference between a Vitamin and a Mineral?

Vitamin mineral supplements… The terms ‘vitamin’ and ‘mineral’ are often used interchangeably, and everyone understands fairly well what someone means when they use one or other of those words. They do, however, mean different things. What is the difference between them? How can each help us be healthier?

The main difference between the two different types of supplements is that vitamins are organic and minerals are inorganic. This means that vitamins can actually be broken down by acid, heat, or air, whereas minerals tend to stay together. What this means for us as human beings is that minerals are easier to find and consume since it takes a lot to destroy them or change them so that they are no longer effective.

Everything we eat or drink has some kind of mineral within it, and this helps us get our essential daily dose. Vitamins are trickier to find, since they are much more ‘fragile’ than minerals, and can be harmed, destroyed, or damaged more readily. Therefore, by the time our food gets to us – especially if we aren’t eating it fresh and raw – many of the vitamins will have gone.

Cooking, storing, freezing, and even just exposure to air can make vitamins inactive. This is why vitamin supplements are such an important addition to any diet. Both vitamins and minerals are considered to be ‘micronutrients’ because although our bodies do need them, they need them in smaller quantities than other nutrients such as proteins, water, and fats.

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