Try These De-Stressing Techniques if You’re Overwhelmed By Social Isolation

With the onset of COVID-19, everyone around the world has had to adapt in order to maintain social distance. For some, this has involved being cooped up with family for longer than is normal. For others, this has meant being completely isolated from friends and family who live outside their household. No matter who you are, social isolation has brought with it stress. Here are three practices you can adopt to lower that stress and anxiety.

Try Natural Supplements

When it comes to counteracting anxiety and stress, natural supplements can provide you with vitamins that have been shown to alleviate stress. There are many different options to try, so it is important for you to figure out which ones are the best for you. Kava root can be a good place to start for a lot of people. Research has shown that it has the potential to not only alleviate some of the physical manifestations of anxiety, but also to help calm anxious thoughts.

You may also like to try magnesium citrate 500mg capsules which are renowned for their stress and anxiety relieving qualities.

Take a Dip in a Hot Tub

When stress is high, there are certain solutions that provide quick relief. Hot water can relax your muscles as well as your mind. Sitting in a hot tub provides a multi-sensory experience as you feel the warmth on your skin, watch the bubbles, and hear the gentle movements of the water around you. These different aspects of the experience help your mind unwind. The physical contact with hot water boosts blood circulation. When more blood is pumping to tight muscles, your muscles stop tensing up and you feel more relaxed.

Try Meditation

You have probably heard over and over that meditation is a good way to alleviate stress. But sometimes, it can seem impossible to find enough time to set aside to try and calm your mind. If you’re struggling to find time or to focus while you do meditation exercises, try taking it a little at a time. You could start by downloading a mindfulness app that guides you through different exercises over shorter spurts of time. Or maybe, you could set aside 10 minutes before bed as part of your nighttime routine. Whatever you do, a little meditation can go a long way.

Isolation can be a positive self-building experience if you take the time to incorporate stress-relieving practices. This article has explored a few of those practices, but there are many more out there. Remember that even integrating one or two things into your routine can go a long way.

Supplements have been used by many people to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Try our Vitamin B Complex supplement to see how it can work for you!