The Benefits of Getting More Calcium in Your Diet

Calcium is the number one mineral that your body needs because it’s what keeps your bones and teeth healthy and strong. Calcium also helps pump blood to your entire body. Without calcium, your body would not function like it needs to. But your body doesn’t naturally make calcium, which is why it’s important to eat plenty of it to keep your body happy. Here are three benefits to eating more calcium.

Healthier Cardiovascular System

One of the benefits of calcium is that it keeps your cardiovascular system healthy. It keeps your blood pressure regulated so that your heart doesn’t get overworked. Calcium supplements help but it is better to get calcium straight from your diet as it is easier for your body to digest. Calcium is also essential to a multitude of enzymes that your body needs to conduct regular functions at a molecular level, such as producing energy, and carrying particles into and out of cells. Without calcium, those enzymes would not fully function and your body would quickly shut down. Calcium is essential to your cardiovascular system and your overall health. Without the proper intake, your body would suffer.

Stronger, Healthier Bones

99% of the calcium in your body is stored in your bones and teeth. As a kid, you may have heard that drinking your milk will help your bones grow healthy and strong. The reason why milk helps your bones grow healthy and strong is because of the high concentration of calcium. Calcium strengthens your bones and helps prevent fractures in younger children. Calcium also helps your teeth. Calcium can help build stronger teeth that are less vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. Eating more calcium helps your bones and your teeth last longer.

Prevent Osteoporosis

In addition to keeping bones healthy and strong, regular calcium intake also prevents osteoporosis, which is a disease that makes you have porous bones. This disease is often undetectable until bones break. Older post-menopausal women are more likely to experience this disease, but it can happen to anyone who has low calcium intake. Calcium prevents osteoporosis by strengthening the bones, which is why it’s important to add calcium to your diet no matter how old you are.

Calcium is an essential mineral that your body can’t make on its own, which is why it is important to include calcium in your diet. There are so many benefits from eating calcium, so make sure you consume it regularly to stay healthy.

Calcium is just one of the many substances you should have in your diet regularly. To make sure you get enough of essential nutrients, try some of our supplements!