Supplement Food – It’s Not Just Humans Who Benefit From Supplements

Supplement food with vitamins and minerals, and you can benefit greatly. But, did you know that it’s not only humans that benefit? These supplements are so great that pets can benefit too, and many people give them to their dogs and cats. Could your pet be healthier with supplements? And how do they help?

Supplements for pets are growing in popularity, and more and more people are now aware that they exist. Most pets actually do have a fairly balanced diet, since modern day pet food is designed with this in mind. They gain the majority of their vitamins and minerals from their own special food. However, that does not mean that food supplements can’t help them be even healthier. And, even if they are only used from time to time, for example, when a pet is unwell or has eaten something it shouldn’t, they are still useful. They are also extremely good for pets that are fed on a homemade diet. It may sound odd, but unlike humans, homemade food for animals tends to have fewer essential vitamins and minerals in it than processed food. Therefore, in order to ensure that animals are topped up with the right amounts, it could be wise to use supplements. Examples of supplements that work well for animals are fatty acids and fish oil – these help maintain a glossy, smooth coat. And, antioxidants, including vitamin C and E, can help an ageing dog’s joints and reduce inflammation. But, remember to always give your dog specially created pet supplements, not the human kind.

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