Vitamin D3 5000IU Cholecalciferol 365 Capsules


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A high strength, years supply Vitamin D3 supplement in capsule form.



Supplements Wise Vitamin D3 capsules are a high strength years supply of the ‘sunshine vitamin’, which occurs naturally in the body when we are exposed to sunlight. However, with the UK climate not known for it’s powerful rays we often do not get the required amount which can lead to depression, seasonal affective disorder amongst other things.

By taking vitamin D3 capsules, you’ll be keeping your body healthy while improving the health of your bones, immune system and nervous system.

A study by the British Medical Journal claims that supplementing daily with Vitamin D could prevent common illnesses such as the cold and flu. With the right intake of our Vitamin D3 supplement, you can also regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption, meaning you’ll maintain healthy teeth while protecting yourself effect against multiple diseases and conditions.

Our Vitamin D3 5000iu Capsules provide a maximum strength supplement for your body’s requirements. The optimum dose for those living in the UK is from 1100iu – 1200iu. Supplements Wise 5000iu capsules are therefore designed for those who need an increased dose.

This pack includes a years supply for a very low price!

Active Ingredients Per Capsule:

Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol 5000iu Other Ingredients: Olive Oil, Capsule Shell (bovine gelatin, glycerol, residual water)

Suspended in olive oil to improve absorption

Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.

This is a food supplement which is not a substitute for a balanced diet.


  • Take 1 capsule each day, with a meal
  • Consult your GP if pregnant or lactating
  • Do not exceed stated dose unless under medical supervision
  • NOT suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Letterbox friendly packaging
  • Manufactured in the UK to strict GMP standards

If you are on medication, under medical supervision, pregnant or nursing always consult your GP before taking health supplements. You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet. Side-effects from this supplement are rare but please discontinue use and contact your GP immediately in the event of an adverse reaction.

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