Nutritional Health Supplements

Nutritional Health Supplements: Health Supplements For Women’s Bladder Infections

Nutritional health supplements is a general term for a range of vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that can aid our body’s well-being in a variety of ways. Some supplements can be specifically targeted to exact parts of the body, or to work on counteracting specific problems. Is this the case with women’s bladder infections?

The answer is yes; there are specific health supplements that can help women with problems such as urinary tract infections and thrush. One of these supplements is D-Mannose. D-Mannose is a natural supplement that contains sugar, and is found most often within fruit. This includes apples, plants, some berries, and peaches amongst other things. As with anything, it can be difficult to fit enough of those foods containing D-Mannose into our diets each day to allow them to do any good, and this is why natural health supplements can be of immense value. Just one capsule will contain exactly the right dose that is needed. D-Mannose supplement achieves relief from bladder infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs), and unlike antibiotics (which can also be used for the same purpose), the supplements can be used for the long-term with no side effects. UTIs are caused when e-coli bacteria from the anal area penetrates the bladder lining. In most instances, the urinary tract destroys this harmful bacteria before it can do anything, but when there is too much e-coli and not enough immunity within the urinary tract, the tract itself becomes infected. This causes a huge level of discomfort. The D-Mannose supplement works from the first dose.

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