How to Enjoy Soda While Limiting the Negative Health Effects

Despite the consistent decline in consumption over the last several years, soda remains an incredibly popular drink. It’s understandable, really. The variety of flavors helps it appeal to an incredibly wide demographic. Soda is known to have negative effects on health though. So what can you do to enjoy a soda but limit the negative health effects?

Drink Soda Only on Special Occasions

Soda accounts for just over one fifth of all beverages consumed by Americans on a yearly basis, and a good portion of consumers have at least one every day. That can significantly increase your risk of developing some health problems. To reduce the negative impact soda has on your health, save it for special occasions. An occasional soda at a party or when you’re eating out is a lot easier on your body than constantly consuming it. Plain water is a much better beverage to be consuming regularly. If you find plain water less appealing, try adding flavor to it by throwing in things like lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, kiwi, or strawberry slices.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Your teeth take a real beating from constantly consuming soda. Soda is an excellent source of fuel for the bacteria in your mouth. They can eat away at your enamel and leave behind plaque buildup. This can cause bad breath and even gingivitis. To counteract the harmful effects of soda, take steps to care for your teeth. Rinsing your mouth with water after drinking soda can help reduce plaque buildup. Make sure you regularly brush and floss your teeth as well. Visit your dentist regularly to have your teeth deep cleaned and examined. That way, any damage that requires repairing will be caught before it becomes more extensive.

Supplementing with vitamin d3 and k2 capsules can also help to strengthen and maintain your teeth, as they enable calcium to be carried them more efficiently.

Exercise Regularly

One of the biggest and most obvious impacts soda can have on your health can be found around your waistline. The sugar found in soda doesn’t help you feel full, which can lead to you consuming far more calories at meals than you would otherwise. The sugar gets processed by the liver and turned into fat. To help prevent fat and weight gain associated with soda, make sure you exercise regularly. Building muscle is one of the things that help burn calories, so if you exercise regularly and build muscle, it will be easier to burn off the sugar and fat that you accumulate from drinking soda.

Soda can have some pretty significant negative consequences for your health. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid it altogether though. You can limit it to special occasions, take care of your teeth after drinking it, and exercise regularly. This can help to counteract some of the negative effects that can come from drinking soda.

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