Health Supplements

– The Complete Guide

Health Supplements are consumed by millions of people daily in the UK. People take dietary supplements to gain or maintain good health, ease illnesses, or defy ageing. However, the extensive range of dietary health products that are available makes the supplement market confusing for consumers. Nowadays, businesses stock hundreds of supplement products; not just vitamins and minerals but everything from acai to zinc. You then have different formulations, such as herbal and synthetic, to choose from, and other qualities to take into account. It is no wonder people are at a loss. But, don’t fret, as we have all the information you need below.

Understanding Dietary Health Food Supplements

How does an individual learn what vitamins, minerals, and health supplements they should take? How do they know if a supplement will be effective and safe? Of course, there is information online, but it is always hard to know what is accurate and what is not. You then have the small matter of finding a trustworthy and reputable health supplement store. This confusion about supplements is hardly surprising given the multitude of contradictory reports about food and nutrition in the press; one week a specific type of health supplement will make you live ten years longer, and the next it will lead to premature death by causing cancer. The Internet isn’t much better; the huge volumes of information about supplements and health products make it very difficult to separate fact from fiction. National Governments recognised this, and many took action. The FDA in the US, the FSA in the UK, and the EU, all put legislation in place to try to protect the public. Unfortunately, while broadly similar, the regulations were not fully harmonised across different regions of the world and may have inadvertently caused extra confusion. In the UK, dietary health supplements and green tea supplement are classified as foods, and the FSA enforce food safety laws. Under these laws, vitamin supplements for health, for example, can only contain vitamins that are on the FSA approved ingredients list. This gives peace of mind. Any health store in the UK needs to be responsible for their products, and whatever is listed on the packaging must be accurate. This rigorous approach ensures you are protected and safe when buying from a reputable UK business.

Where Do I Buy Health Supplements That Are Safe?

In the UK, a company cannot claim that one of their health supplements treats or cures a condition; they can only claim it can maintain a function e.g. “maintain immune or cardiac function”. You should still take care with herbal supplements. The herbal supplement Ginkgo balboa, for example, is taken to ward off symptoms of memory loss and reduce high blood pressure. However, it can interact with warfarin or antidepressants, reducing their effectiveness. All dietary health food products must prominently display a notice advising medical supervision under certain conditions. So, where do you go to buy health supplements? You can go to large high street retailers and health shop chains, but you will pay a premium. What about online? You can buy nutritional health supplements, but you need to be careful. UK laws do not apply to online stores based outside the UK, and it is not uncommon to receive fake supplements, which are not what they claim to be. Some protein powders bought online have been shown to contain anabolic steroids (hardly a legal or natural herbal ingredient) while some vitamin tablets contain no vitamins. So, it is imperative to choose an online shop based in the UK, which prominently displays the required advice on its products. Avoid outlandish claims; a company claiming a health supplement can help you lose extreme amounts of weight, such as a stone in ten days, is promoting something that does not work or is not safe. One reliable UK-based shop selling health food supplements online is Supplements Wise.

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