Health Food Supplements – Why Are Supplements Important For Women During The Menopause?

Health food supplements have dozens and dozens of uses, but for women they can be particularly helpful during the menopause. More and more women are realising that the menopause does not have to be as bad as they expect it to be, if they are prepared to use food supplements throughout.

The symptoms of the menopause for women include hot flushes, mood swings, joint pain, and a general feeling of exhaustion amongst other unpleasant things. And, although hormone therapy is available to combat these problems, there is evidence linking it to heart attacks. Therefore, many women are opting for supplements instead. These supplements include black cohosh, which studies have shown can help with hot flushes and reduce them by 26 per cent. Flaxseed combats night sweats and aids a peaceful sleep. This can go on to mean that daytimes are less exhausting, although it does not completely eradicate that problem. When hormone levels decrease, as they do during the menopause, bones can become more brittle and less strong. Taking calcium supplements will help to keep your bones in the best condition. Vitamin D helps with the same problem. A natural source of vitamin D is sunshine, but since the skin can become thinner during the menopause, and more susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays, food supplements are perhaps a better source. Plus, you can’t rely on Britain for plenty of sun! Red clover contains natural plant oestrogen, and although studies are inconclusive, many women are convinced that it works. Finally, ginseng is a natural mood booster, which can improve sleep.

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