Health Food Supplement – What Does A Supplement Containing Collagen Do For You?

Health food supplement shops, both online and offline, often have a wide range of products available. But what do certain products do, and how will these supplements help you to achieve what you want from them? One such supplement that can cause confusion is collagen. Could you benefit from using it?

Collagen is a natural protein found in the skin. It keeps everything elastic and is the main building block for tissues, organs, and cells. Amazingly, around a third of all the protein in your body is collagen, or includes collagen. It gives the skin its strength and structure. So, of course, if your collagen amounts are lessening, food supplements containing this protein can be vital. Up until a certain point, the body will produce just enough collagen to keep everything smooth and fresh. But eventually, as we grow older, this collagen production begins to decline, and by the age of 50 a woman (who produces less collagen than a man anyway) will have lost around 50 per cent of her collagen. So it makes sense to use supplements to counteract this loss. But it’s not just age that affects how much collagen we might lose; the sun’s rays, skin damage, a poor diet (or at least the wrong diet), cigarettes, toxins, and other pollutants can all affect the rate at which we lose collagen. When collagen is lost, the skin is no longer as elastic, which is why wrinkles occur. The skin literally cannot snap back smooth again like it used to. As an anti-ageing product, collagen supplements are extremely popular.

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