Green Tea Supplements Are Strong Health Foods

Green tea supplements are potent herbal dietary supplements. Tea comes from China, where it has been used as a drink for thousands of years. It was introduced to Japan around 1,200 years ago where growing techniques, such as shading the tea plants and new fertiliser regimes, first produced matcha green tea with a mellow, smooth taste. Tea in Japan has a long history of being associated with good health benefits. It was first popularised as a health drink in the 12th Century. With that being said, read on to discover more about the benefits associated with the consumption of green tea, especially matcha.

Supplements Made From Green Tea May Have Herbal Remedy Properties

Green tea is produced from the same plants, called Camellia sinensis, as the more common black teas, although it is grown under different conditions as outlined above. The leaves are also processed differently after harvesting. For green tea, the leaves and leaf buds are steamed, pan-fried, and dried while for black tea, the leaves are fermented. Whilst it had been available in the UK before, green tea really took off with the rise in popularity of sushi. Green tea is seen as the perfect accompaniment for sushi and is often served with it in Japanese restaurants. As interest in green tea grew, knowledge of its properties and health benefits started to spread. Since not everybody likes to drink green tea yet they still want the benefits, a green tea supplement was produced, which retained the potency of a number of cups of green tea and concentrated it without the taste. Many green tea supplements and health supplements benefits are claimed including improving mental alertness, depression, some liver diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach disorders, and headaches. Green tea supplements are also thought to prevent some cancers and help with Parkinson’s disease, heart and blood vessel diseases, low blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, and skin damage. This is not an exhaustive list of all the benefits that have been claimed in regards to green tea health supplements. Green tea supplements are also thought to assist with weight loss, which is another reason why they are so popular.

The Best Green Tea Supplements Are Made From Matcha Green Tea

In the UK, we use green tea supplements for weight loss and for producing muscle definition in athletes, sportspeople, and body builders. This is because green tea extract is thought to be effective as a fat burner. Green tea extracts contain three active ingredients; caffeine, catechins, and polyphenols. These active ingredients, particularly catechins and caffeine, working together seem to affect the body’s metabolism and increase noradrenaline production. This increases your metabolic rate, particularly the part of the metabolism that uses fats. This means that you can burn more fat, hence the name ‘fat burner’. This makes herbal green tea extracts popular in dieting and weight loss programmes where burning extra fat reduces overall weight and in body building where losing overlying body fat gives the muscle groups better definition. Drinking plenty of water is recommended when taking green tea extracts, as some of the active ingredients, including caffeine, are diuretics. On the same note, green tea extracts are less effective in people with high caffeine tolerance. You should not use green tea extracts if you are taking any medication or under medical supervision. Moreover, make sure you consult a GP if you have any adverse effects. You should not exceed the stated doses. However, most people use green tea extracts safely and with no ill effects, finding it an effective fat burner. The best green tea supplements are made from matcha green tea, as matcha involves consuming the entire leaf, making it a lot more potent. Supplements Wise sells such supplements online.

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