Green Tea Supplement: Can Green Tea Help Acne?

Green tea supplement has many different uses and benefits to the body. One surprising one is that is it known to help with the symptoms of acne, not just in teenagers but in adults too. How does it do this? What is the active ingredient that makes it effective?

For teenagers, some spots here and there are expected. It is just what happens when hormones start to increase as children get older. But sometimes the acne can get out of control, with dozens of spots that are not only unsightly but sometimes painful too. And it’s not just teenagers who suffer; adults can have acne too. There are many chemical ‘cure’ for acne, but they are very powerful, have to be prescribed, and can cause damage. Supplements, in particular, green tea supplements are much better to use since they have no side effects yet produce excellent results. The underlying causes of acne that the health supplements in green tea fight include hormones, insulin resistance, and inflammation of sore skin (often caused by the chemical cures for acne, ironically!). Green tea supplements contain polyphenols, and it is this that is thought to provide the relief from acne. Green tea is also an antioxidant. This means that it prevents too much oxygen from entering the wrong parts of the body, allowing for the immune system to stay healthy. A good immune system can fight acne as well. Just 100ml of green tea is said to be as good for you as 1kg of fresh fruit, so imagine what one potent supplement capsule could do!

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