Green Tea Herbal Supplement: Heart Disease And Green Tea

Green tea herbal supplement can help to reduce weight loss, can control type II diabetes, and they can even improve memory function. But what else can they do? Can they help with any major ailments such as heart disease? The answer is yes; amazingly green tea supplements can even help in that respect.

Green tea supplements are incredible. They can reduce symptoms, or even prevent illness, in many different areas of the body. One such area is the heart. The biggest cause of death in the entire world is cardiovascular diseases. This includes heart disease and strokes amongst other things. But drinking green tea or taking its supplements can actually improve the main risk factors for contracting these diseases. High cholesterol is one such risk factor, but green tea can reduce high cholesterol and, therefore, it reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Herbal supplements that include green tea also improve, quite dramatically, the antioxidant capability of our blood. This means that the amount of free radicals within our body is also reduced; free radicals can damage important cells, including those within and around the heart. And, there’s more! Within 30 minutes of ingesting green tea (in whichever form, including supplements), the artery that runs from the shoulder to the elbow is widened by around four percent. This means that the risk of blood clots is reduced, and blood flow, in general, is improved. This all goes towards improving the health of the heart.

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