Green Tea Extract Benefits Supplements – What Is Japanese Matcha Green Tea?

Green tea extract benefits supplements are something a lot of people search online. There are a variety of different green teas available for using as supplements, and each one is unique. What is the Japanese Matcha green tea, for example? What does it do?

Matcha is a special kind of green tea. The word ‘matcha’ means powdered, and it means that, unlike standard green tea that is made from infusing the leaves, with matcha green tea supplements you are consuming the leaf itself. This makes it much stronger than normal supplements. It is extremely potent. If it is made in the traditional way, then it will be whisked with a brush made of bamboo to ensure it is properly combined with the water. There is a lot of preparation that goes into making Japanese match green tea. This involves covering the tea plants themselves with a cloth before they are harvested. It is said that this gives the leaves a better flavour; or at least a unique one. The leaves themselves are hand selected, steamed, dried, and aged in cold storage. This makes the flavour even deeper. After this, the leaves are powdered, and at this point, the supplements can be produced if this is the final destination for the tea. Matcha green tea contains the same useful vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as standard green teas, but in much greater quantities. Taking these supplements gives you many benefits including better blood sugar regulation, lower blood pressure, a healthy heart, an enhanced mood, and even anti-aging.

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