Food Supplements Are More Than Vitamins

Food supplements cover a wide range of dietary nutritional products that include vitamins, minerals, and health foods. On one end of the dietary supplement scale is oral rehydration therapy, which is a dietary nutritional supplement made of safe nutrients, organic sugars, salts, vitamins, and minerals that you drink to treat dehydration in all age groups. On the other end are dietary supplement products like protein powders, for those training for sports and bodybuilding, as well as weight loss herbal supplements to help people diet. A range of dietary nutritional health products has been produced to supplement food and nutrition for specific purposes.

What Types Of Dietary Health Supplements Are Available?

There are many health food supplements available, including general nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which enhance a person’s healthy diet. However, there are many other options available too, including supplements designed to assist with a specific issue, such as joint pain. Dietary vitamins and minerals are best sellers in every health foods shop. So, let’s take a look at the options on the market and how they are designed to help us. Sports dietary supplements were developed in response to the bodybuilding lifestyle, and research focuses on herbs and substances intended to help athletes. These foods include protein powders, gels, shakes, or capsules, which are taken daily and aimed at adults to ensure they get more from their workouts. These food supplements and vitamin supplements have the nutrients needed to promote muscle growth, increase metabolic rate, help you reach peak physical performance, and boost your energy levels. Dietary protein powders are from a herbal source that is based on whey or hemp and contains essential amino and fatty acids and Omega 6 and 3 oils. Aside from this, there is a selection of general diet, slimming, and weight loss products for adults, which supplement food and help people to lose weight quicker. Of course, they cannot be used alone; they must be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. They act speeding up metabolism burning calories quicker (e.g. “fat burners”), blocking absorption of dietary fat in the body (“fat magnets”), or making you feel fuller.

Natural Food Supplements Beyond Vitamins And Minerals

You can buy products from a supplement range to help with a wide range of issues, including lifestyle stress, mood/anxiety, or sleeping problems. Do you feel like everything is getting on top of you? Maybe you suffer with insomnia? These types of supplements often come from a herbal source, like Montmorency cherries or Griffonia seeds, which increase serotonin. Detoxification of the body is en vogue, and natural food supplements, comprising mixtures of herbs and/or berries, are on sale to help. Dietary health probiotics are designed to increase numbers of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the digestive system by providing huge numbers of probiotic organisms in a capsule or liquid product. Following health and nutrition research, health institutes identified a lack of oily fish in diets, and Omega fish oil products were developed. Fish oil is associated with health benefits such as building a robust immune system or treating stiff joints, but it is best known for claims that natural fish oil improves how children learn in education. This is based on the idea that fatty acids in fish oils are also major components of brain cell membranes. To support beauty regimes, preparations from healthy natural herbal sources are available that help maintain skin’s elasticity (to appear younger) or help repair cuts. Herbal ranges have also been developed specifically aimed at helping to improve men’s health, for example, to promote healthy prostate glands, and women’s health, like alleviating the symptoms of menopause. Many health institutes believe that the best health food supplements are produced from herbs and other natural products. A great range of herbal and natural supplement health products are available from Supplements Wise’s shop.

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