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How to Improve Poor Circulation with Your Diet

Poor circulation refers to the body’s decreased ability to send blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the organs, tissues, and systems that need these substances to function. This can lead to symptoms that include pain, muscle cramps, tingling, and numbness, particularly in the extremities. Over time, according to the Minnesota Vein Center, poor circulation can cause […]

What is Your Thyroid, and Why Should You Care

What is Your Thyroid, and Why Should You Care?

The thyroid gland is a part of the endocrine system. This gland stores, produces, and releases hormones into the body. These hormones perform essential functions such as regulate the body’s metabolic rate and also have a role in bone, brain, and muscle tissue development. The gland depends on iodine primarily to function. If a diet […]

6 Supplements Needed for Optimal Teeth Health

Your teeth, like the other elements of your body, require the right nutrients and care. When you treat them right, you are helping to prevent issues, such as cavities, premature tooth loss, and discoloration. There are certain supplements you can explore that can help ensure your teeth are healthier. Calcium The jawbone gets its strength […]