Best Green Tea Supplements: Green Tea Can Help With Diabetes

Best green tea supplements involve huge benefits for a person’s health, both in mind and body. There are some diseases, however, that many believe can only be helped with chemicals and medical science. This is not necessarily the case, however. There are some characteristics of green tea that can help even serious illnesses.

Type II diabetes affects 300 million people across the globe. It occurs when someone’s blood sugar levels are too high. Normally, when blood sugar becomes too high, the body can produce insulin to combat its effect. When someone suffers from type II diabetes, they are unable to produce insulin in the right quantities to lower their blood sugar levels. So how can green tea supplements help? Studies show that green tea, in either drink form or, more easily, as supplements, can actually improve insulin sensitivity. Improved insulin sensitivity from the best supplements simply means that the right amounts of insulin are produced because the insulin can ‘sense’ when it is required. Green tea, then, reduces blood sugar levels, meaning that type II diabetes is certainly managed. But green tea doesn’t just manage diabetes; if taken regularly before diabetes occurs it can prevent it. In fact, green tea supplements are so potent that one particular Japanese study showed that the people who ingested regular amounts of green tea had a 42 per cent lower chance of developing type II diabetes than someone who never had green tea. And, this merely scratches the surface of the benefits associated with green tea.

If you are worried about developing type II diabetes, there are many things you can do. One such thing is to find the best green tea supplements. At Supplements Wise (, we offer only the best supplements, at discount prices. Call us on 01422 251041 or email to find out more.