Best Food Supplements

Best Food Supplements - What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin B Complex Supplements?

Best food supplements can mean different things to different people. Since all of our bodies are unique, the supplements they require and the way they use them is also unique, and changes from person to person. In fact, your needs can even change as your body changes.

Vitamin B complex is a particularly popular supplement that many people add to their daily routines. But, what does it do? Vitamin B complex is actually a combination of eight different vitamins. Together, these supplements work to convert the food we eat into the fuel we need to keep us going throughout the day. Without vitamin B in all its forms, we would completely lack energy. The great news is that by using food supplements such as vitamin B complex, we can keep our bodies – and brains – ‘topped up’ with energy. What else does vitamin B do? Each different type of vitamin B does something slightly different. For example, B1 is the ‘anti-stress’ vitamin, and it also makes healthy new cells. B2 is an antioxidant, which is thought to reduce the signs of ageing. B3 boosts good cholesterol, leaving less room for the bad version, and it is considered to be useful in fighting acne. B5 promotes healthy skin, and is another way to reduce ageing and acne together. B6 regulates levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which is associated with heart disease. B7 is great for keeping the baby healthy during pregnancy. B9 keeps depression at bay, and aids memory. B12 creates healthy red blood cells.

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