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Is Marijuana Safe For You?

Public perception of marijuana has changed for the better since the days of fear-mongering and anti-cannabis propaganda. Research has highlighted the many positive aspects of marijuana, including treating insomnia, reducing anxiety and alleviating the detrimental effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. With all the positive coverage of marijuana, though, it may be possible to overlook […]

4 Things Your Pet Needs From You Every Day

Having a pet can be a wonderful addition to any household. Pets provide us companionship, love, and often protection from outside threats. However, are we doing as much for them as they are for us? The healthy and overall happiness of your pet should be your number one priority. Therefore, we’ve listed the four things […]

3 Easy Exercises That Are Better for You Than You Think

Getting into a regular workout routine can be a struggle for many. Work obligations, family life, and other daily activities often take priority over taking care of your physical health. But there are many easy exercises that are very beneficial. The following are three easy exercises that may be better for you than you think. […]

4 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive While Fighting Cancer

To many, cancer might seem like a frightening possibility but something that only happens to other people, yet it’s far more pervasive than they probably realize. More than 360,000 cases of cancer occur every year in the United Kingdom alone. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to give up hope. These […]

What Are the Best Plant-Based Sources of Antioxidants?

Oxidation in your body releases free radicals (unstable atomic particles) that attach to your physical molecular structure and cause damage. The effects can include premature aging, illness and general physical decline. Antioxidants attach to free radicals, stopping the oxidation chain reaction that results in damage, and they are flushed out of your system through your […]

4 Surprising Ways Your Beauty and Health Are Related

Health and beauty go hand in hand and as such it’s important to not only exercise, eat healthily, and stay hydrated but also make sure you get the proper nutrients and vitamins to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and bones. Protect Your Skin Vitamins are essential in skin care as sun damage, harsh chemicals, and […]

How to Effectively Recover from Back Injuries

Back injuries are painful in many ways. Not only is there the pain of the injury, but there’s also the emotional pain. After receiving a back injury, it can be hard to know what recovery will look like or how you can move forward. Thankfully, if you take the proper steps, a full recovery is […]

How Depression Compromises Physical Health

Depression comes in many forms. It can range from a temporary or mild depression to debilitating and even life-threatening depression. If you find yourself fighting depression, there are actions you can take to help yourself. Not Just a Mental Illness Depression has long been thought of as a mental illness. However, research has shown that […]